Tools of the Trade:

What is Slack? Slack is a business communication tool. Here is a summary of what it offers:

  • Channels – These are group chats that can be public (i.e. for everyone automatically) or private (i.e. the team members need to be invited to join).
  • Direct Messages – Send a message to a team member (i.e. like any other Discord, Skype, ICQ, MSN Messanger, …. messaging service).
  • VOIP Calls – connect with a team member or group of team members (voice and video).
  • File sharing – drag and drop any files (limited size in free version).
  • Search – Quick search results from all channels and direct messages for whatever you are looking for.
  • Third Party Tool Integration – Hook up third party tools to send notifications to slack channels.
  • Mobile App – iOS and Android apps that keeps you constantly in the loop of what’s going on with the team.


There are currently three tiers of pricing for small to medium sized businesses.

Free – limited searchable messages and app integrations, one-to-one voice/video calls only, 5GB total file storage

Standard ($6.67 / month / user) – unlimited searchable messages and app integrations, more authorization options, up to 15 participants in voice/video calls, 10GB file storage per user, priority support read more

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Interim Milestone Update:

We’ve taken a step back from the milestone schedule to focus on protoyping new gameplay mechanics and designing new puzzles around those mechanics.

Like we said in last month’s milestone update, something was missing, so hopefully over the next few months we can figure out what really makes the game tick and start back up with more interesting posts in the near future.

Stay tuned for much more interesting news in the future! read more

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