Andrew Hoculik – CEO, Programmer

Andrew has over ten years of experience in the video game industry and felt the timing was right to establish Equilibrium Systems Inc. Andrew wears many hats in this new role, but is excited to face all the new challenges head on.

He was previously the Technical Director at Eden Industries, Inc. and developed the engine that powered “Citizens of Earth” on five platforms. Before Eden, Andrew also gained experience from AAA and indie studios such as Silicon Knights, Drinkbox Studios, and Bedlam Games. He has programming experience¬†in many aspects of game development include AI, Gameplay, tools and technology across many platforms.

Favourite Game Genres: RPGs, Sports, 3rd person action-adventures
Favourite Games: Mass Effect 1, Final Fantasy 4, Chrono Trigger, Uncharted Series, Batman: Arkham Asylum

Current and Past Contractors

Brian Su – Concept Art

Chris VanYperen – Level Designer/Gameplay Designer

Daniel Argento – Graphics Programmer

Kirk Markarian – Music/Composer

Rob Mastroieni – Level Designer

Tito Belgrave (Ispyr Arts) – Character Models

Vince Perri (PixelNAUTS Games) – Environment Art