Our mission is to be a source of engaging and enjoyable interactive media. We will strive to deliver high quality software to customers while maintaining a balanced quality of life for our employees. Our motto is to work smarter, not longer.

Why “Equilibrium Systems”?

We chose this name for a few reasons. “Equilibrium” was chosen because we believe that to create successful interactive media, you need to balance many creative disciplines (art, design, programming, audio, production). Equilibrium was also chosen because we believe in balancing work with the many other enjoyments of life.

“Systems” also chosen for a few reasons. The first being that our form of interactive media is a software system (games/apps). We also did not want to limit ourselves by implying that we just create games. This name is also an homage to Id Software.

[We actually wanted Software, but there was a naming conflict when we tried to incorporate]