Platform Porting

We want your studio achieve it’s goals and we offer a few different packages of increasing support to do that.


Pre-Certification Package

In this package, we will work with you to get your game functional on the platform(s) of your choice. This package does not include optimizations, platform specific bug fixes, or any setup of publishing settings. In general, this package includes the following:

  • Platform Plugin setup and integration
  • Input support
  • Networking (i.e. online multiplayer) (if required)
  • Save/Load System
  • Achievement/Trophy System (if required)
  • Cloud Storage (if required)
  • User Stats (if required)
  • Support for all desired play modes (i.e. handheld vs. docked)

Certification Package

This package includes everything from the Pre-Certification Package, plus we will assist in passing any technical certification requirements that the platform may have and work with you to optimize the game for that platform. In addition to what was described in the Pre-Certification Package, this package generally includes the following:

  • Leaderboards (if required)
  • Asset bundles (if required)
  • Platform specific technical requirements (i.e. error messages, user management, stability, etc…)
  • Platform specific optimizations
  • Certification build settings and packaging
  • Publisher website setup (if required)
  • Full certification Quality Assurance test pass

Certification Plus Package

This package includes everything in the Pre-Certification and Certification Package, with additional support for up to two patches if required. In general, this package additionally includes the following:

  • Ensure the game is optimized for patches before entering certification for the first time
  • Determine what files need to be included in the patch
  • Manage the build settings and packaging of both patches
  • Support for additional content (downloadable content) (if required)


  1. Reach out to us and we will sign NDA’s to ensure that all information about your project remains strictly confidential.
  2. We will have a meeting to discuss your goals and requirements for the project.
  3. We will evaluate your codebase and determine the full scope of your project.
  4. A contract proposal will be sent to you upon completion of our evaluation with a quote of our monthly rate along with an estimate of how long the project could take.
  5. The contract is signed and we begin work!


We specialize in porting Unity and Unreal Engine games from PC to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, XBox One, XBox Series X|S, and Apple Arcade.

Our studio is currently a licensed developer for Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Steam and Apple platforms.

Please contact us here so we can discuss your project in more detail!