Internal Milestone 12
Art Polish

In our October milestone, we focused on an art pass of the first three puzzles of the vertical slice. In addition to just making something that looks good, we also wanted to make sure that our workflow from grey boxed level design to final art was working as we intended. We didn’t get around to doing a full lighting pass yet, but we are very happy with how it turned out. Check out some screenshots!

That being said, after playing this milestone build, we had the feeling that something with the gameplay was not quite right or that something was missing. For our November milestone, we are planning on going back to the drawing board and refocus on level design and gameplay mechanics to really find the “hook” for the game.  We’ve already been throwing around a few new ideas that we’re hoping will pan out, but as of right now, the project is taking a little bit of a step back to refocus and to make sure that we nail the “fun” before we jump ahead with more art and polish.