Tools of the Trade:

What is Workflowy?

Workflowy is an organizational tool that allows you to take notes, make lists, collaborate, brainstorm, plan and generally organize your brain.


Multiple versions:

  1. Free
    • Limited bullet point creation (250 per month).
    • Can increase your bullet limit by inviting friends.
  2. Pro ($5/month or $50/year)
    • Unlimited Lists
    • Backup to Dropbox
    • Password Protected Collaboration
    • Theme and Fonts
    • Premium Support

How dose ES use Workflowy?

We tried to use Workflowy for schedules and Milestone goals, but found that we ran into similar issues that you may find if you try to maintain lists in a shared document. Mainly that they are too hard to maintain.

Now we use Workflowy for personal TODO lists and high-level long term planning (i.e. Goals for a demo or large milestone)

Overall Assessment of Tool:


  • Free!
  • really slick way to quickly create huge lists that don’t get cluttered
  • ability to strike-out entries make it easy to track progress
  • Can share specific lists/entries/sublists with team members (view or edit)
  • allows for filtering of completed entries
  • Can add descriptions to bullet point entries
  • Can share links to subsections of your lists


  • Limited amount of bullet points per month (can raise quota by 250 by referring it to others)
  • Interface takes a little getting use to and the workflow differs slightly between web browsers and the mobile app (i.e. bullet point interaction vs. complete button in corner)
  • Deleting many bullet points in the mobile app is very cumbersome
  • Everything but the visual representation can easily be achieved in other software that your team may be using already
  • Doesn’t appear to update all open versions in real-time (so could run into some nasty issues with users concurrently manipulating the data)

Overall, a great tool but has limited usage. I don’t think this tool is very useful for teams, but could be very useful on an individual task management basis.