Logo Revealed! The devil is in the details

We are excited to reveal the initial branding of Equilibrium Systems!


As we discussed in this previous post, we were looking for a clean and simplistic logo that would contain subtle details. I think we achieved this and would like to thank Michael at ModGraphic for working with us on this.

There were a few themes I wanted to play off of.  The first was to try to keep it symmetrical (i.e. in equilibrium) with all aspects of the design. The second was to try to incorporate something mathematical into it.  The last was to make it slightly abstract if possible.  I may have gone a little crazy with the subtle details, but I’ll let you be the judge:

  • Symmetry. The logo isn’t symmetrical in the traditional sense, but has a forwards and backwards “E” (black and purple) arranged to offset each other in a form of equilibrium (i.e. the yin-yang symbol). The logo is also symmetrically placed relative to the top of the font used to spell “Equilibrium”.
  • Mathematics. The width:height ratio of the logo is 8:11. When I noticed that there was 11 “horizontal” bars that made up the logo (composed of the E’s and the whitespace), I started looking for something in mathematics that I could use as a basis for the width. After playing around with π (pi) and not being able to find anything that worked well, I found the golden ratio.  It turns out that five times the golden ratio is approximately 8 and it looked great.
  • Abstraction.  I’m not sure how hidden the “S” is, but for those of you that haven’t noticed it yet, there is an “S” in the centre of the logo that is formed using the negative space between the two “E’s”. I also found that when I looked at the logo from a distance, it looks like a basic maze and the details of the logo seem to fade away.
 Equilibrium Systems Logo-01-Logo Only