Logo Concepts

I met with my Graphic Designer yesterday and we looked over the six concepts for the company logo that he had prepared. One of the concepts really stood out to me and the icon was very close to what I had envisioned. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an immediate home run as the font and colours on it didn’t resonate with me. Luckily, the fonts and colours from other concepts did. It’s now back in his hands I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out with some revisions.

My ideas for the logo revolved around keeping it pretty basic and using letters from the company name in a creative way. One of the main examples I gave him to go off of was the logo of the New York Yankees.

I really liked the stylized letters and at first glance, you almost just think it’s a symbol instead of “NY” arranged in an interesting way. This logo is very iconic and I wanted something that could be recognized at a glance, but also contained subtle details that would reveal themselves upon closer inspection.

I am really looking forward to unveiling it in the near future!